Monday, February 16, 2009

Paul Ogden Farts in Tom John's General Direction

Hopefully you all get the Monty Python reference. I think the analogy is rather appropriate. In the film, King Arthur approached a French Castle on a serious mission. The French responded to Arthur with insults and nonsense. Similarly, while Mayor Greg Ballard and GOP Chairman Tom John apporach politics with seriousness, Paul Ogden cannot hide his contempt towards the two and conspequently spews insults and nonsense.

Today, Ogden writes about Mayor Ballard's endorsement of John in next month's Chairman election. As you surely know, Paul Ogden dislikes Tom John because he is a lawyer at a large Indianapolis Law firm. He also dislikes the Marion County GOP establishment because Ogden was not slated for County Clerk in 2002. Since John is a lawyer at a big firm and part of the establishment, Ogden hates Tom John and is biased against him.

I posted the following Comment to Ogden on the matter: "What about 2007? If you are going to hold John responsible for losing in the Obama Tsunami in 2008, you should give him credit for going 4-1 in 2007. Conversely, if you don't give him credit for 2007 because the taxpayer revolt has out of Tom John's control, you should also not hang 2008 around his neck because the Obama Tidal Wave was also not in Tom John's Control."

Ogden's response should be enlightening. The typical belief held among the Ogdenites and fellow bloggers like Welsh and HFFT is that they and angry taxpayers got Ballard Elected, while Tom John and the Marion County GOP did nothing. While that may be factually inaccurate, the short version is that they do not give Tom John credit for the victories he presided over in 2007. Yet, in 2008, when every Republican in Marion County-wide lost except Mitch Daniels, under a similar wave of voter demand for change, they hold Tom Johnresponsible in a Catch-22.

Of Course, Ogden will not run for County Chairman because he doesn't think he can win. But what would Ogden do as Chairman that would move the GOP forward? After all, Ogden has given Republicans the rancidly bad advice that they should not go after corrpt Democrats like Doris Minton-McNeill, Ken Ackles, or Frank Anderson, but instead begin a witch hunt to investigate the Ballard Administration because Ogden does not like Bob Grand or his fellow attorneys at Barnes and Thornburg.

The Ogdenites claim Democrats are rejoicing at Tom John's re-election. If Paul Ogden were elected Republican Chairman on his agenda of ignoring corrupt Democrats and instead going after the County's top Republican, Democrats might go into full-on orgasm.


  1. Question: How many victories does Paul have?

    Answer: NONE!

    Does this need anymore discussion?

    Now watch the crazies like Melyssa and Gary Welsh come out of the woodwork.

  2. I said not to go after FRank Anderson? Are you kidding me? Nobody is a bigger critic of the Sheriff than me. He needs to be thoroughly investigated, especially his misuse of jail commissary money.

  3. Dan, you creeps are trembling because of the sunshine spread by Ogden. I can smell the fear on you. Smells like Bart, August 2007.

  4. Tom John is a worthless, self-serving prostitute as county chair. Apparently his staff is as well, to do his bidding, DAN.

  5. Notice how quiet that GOP piggy boot licker is today?