Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Tuesday was the Libertarians's day. Now for Wednesday's analysis...

Obviously, what Councilor Coleman has done is done, but it says something when the universal reaction in the blogosphere was he should have remained a Republican. The other universal thread was that each blog used Coleman's announcement to advance its own agenda. The libertarians used it to promote their political party. Paul Ogden and Gary Welsh used Coleman to advance their hatred of the Republican majority in City Government.

Ogden summarizes his thoughts as such: "The Indianapolis City-County Council would be a far better place if we had more leaders like Ed Coleman and fewer sell-outs like Ryan Vaughn."

But what have these two men brought the council? Both have sponsored ceremonial resolutions honoring constiuents. Vaughn, as Chairman of the Public Safety Committee has also sponsored numerous appointments and fiscal ordinances initiated by corresponding agencies.

According to the Council's Ordinance Tracking System, Coleman has sponsored only two non-ceremonial proposals:
  • Proposal 348-2008: Restricts citizens' rights to discharge fireworks
  • Proposal 63-2009: Permanently gives the right to read memorials at council meetings from the President's designee to the Minority Leader

In comparison, Vaughn sponsored the following two non-ceremonial proposals over the same time period:

  • Proposal 326-2008: Would have allowed taxpayers who received egregiously late tax bills to pay those bills in reasonable installments
  • Proposal 524-2008: Reduced the Township Assessors salaries during the final two years of their terms in which they do not have to do a minute of work

So, Ed Coleman's only two legislative proposals have been to restrict freedoms (very libertarian) and aid Democrats. Vaughn actually supported taxpayers with his legislative initiatives.

Yet, Vaughn is attacked because of his lawfirm affiliations while Coleman is praised because he attacks the people Paul Ogden hates.

Sounds more like Vaughn is the leader and Coleman is the sell-out.


  1. Do you really want to go there? Ryan Vaughn sponsors proposals that he often knows nothing about. He's merely the name on many of the administration proposals. It's clear from the testimony that he often has no idea what his proposals do.

    He sponsored the self-insurnace proposal and didn't know the little numbers game they were playing. He sponsored the nearly a quarter million dollar giveaway from the Sheriff to CCA, for "inmate meals" and an "inflation adjustment" when the contract requires CCA pay for inmate meals and there is no late in the year "inflation adjustment" CCA can choose to take. It's automatic on 1/1 of every year. He clearly had no idea what was in the CCA-Sheriff contract or what he was proposing.

    Oh, and CCA is a client of Barnes & Thornburg, which is making millions every year defending the private jail company. There is little doubt that that $225K went straight from CCA back to B&T, a fact that is bolstered by the fact that CCA refuses to disclose how much and when it paid B&T even though the public access counselor has said such records are subject to the open records law.

    I'll view Ryan Vaughn as a leader when he stands up and asks for an investigation of the CIB or when he starts questioning the conflicts of itnerest within Ballard's administration. Through it all, Ryan Vaughn has been silent. So tell me who is the leader? It sure isn't Ryan Vaughn. He carries the water for Bob Grand and Joe Loftus. Nothing more.

  2. Bashing Barnes and Thornburg does not make one a leader. The point is that you only think people are leaders if they carry your vendetta against that particular law firm into public forums. Vaughn has a track record of actually sponsoring proposals to help taxpayers.

    Those are all facts.

  3. So Hoosiers For Fair Taxation is not part of the blog universe? I know you think we're probably not too influential, but it might not hurt you to remember we DID organize the Indiana Tea Parties, The City Council Budget Protests, and the negative PR during Bart's campaign.

    At HFFT, praise is lavished on Ed Coleman for his courage over there!

    As an aside, got a call last night from one of my IT geek friends. He's got your IP, he's got the documentation, and he knows who you are. And so do I now.

  4. And another thing, it might not hurt you to remember that without HFFT, you wouldn't have Ballard.

  5. ...and the silence is deafening, eh, Mary Jo?

    's funny how an Ohio native can be so opinionated about local topics after only 2 years..

    Perhaps your efforts would be best served by actually doing your job, as opposed to this futile attempt to silence those who disagree with your boss..

    just sayin!

  6. Doesn't the transvestite, Mary Jo, live down in Johnson county...even though she works for Marion county GOP?

  7. Whoever runs this blog would have taken te side of the Romans in the crucifixion of Christ.

    The comparison of the CIB to the Mafia is the most accurate analogy that can be made. They are both criminal organizations that steal money from the masses for their own enrichment.

  8. I don't think we will be hearing from Mary Jo anymore. Especially now that Mary Jo's identity has been found out and he knows it.